Welcome to Vidhata's

Vidhata’s is an Alternative Medicine centre for Body, Mind, Soul & Space, which is established by Dr. Ravindra Bage & Dr. Latashree on 31st July 2001. The aim of this institute is to make each & every individual aware about the different strategies of the Alternative Treatment. Alternative Medicine is a combination of various non drug Therapies. Under these therapies we can keep our physical, mental, emotional, intellectual & spiritual body healthy.

Be familier with Vidhata's Environment *** Know about Vidhata's Divine download *** For Cancer Patients, Vidhata's special programe "Jiya Kaise Jaye" *** Different types of Meditation with Scientific approach at Vidhata’s *** Vidhata’s different view of Vastu with Wholistic & Holistic approach *** Under the spiritual vision of Vidhata’s , enhance your Aura *** Develop of your inner vision by third eye at Vidhata’s.